Hidden Secrets Nostradamus

Hidden Secrets Nostradamus

Entertaining and educational puzzle game for children
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Hidden Secrets Nostradamus is a very entertaining game for all children who enjoy puzzles, quests, and matching shapes to their correspondent objects. The game play itself is very simple. Its puzzles, however, prove quite challenging. Fortunately, though, they are not considered mandatory, so if you get stuck, you can skip one, but only after a specific period of time.

In Hidden Secrets Nostradamus, you can interact with the characters of outstanding worldwide personalities, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Magellan or Raphael. You get to meet them, find out about their work and achievements, reconstruct their maps or paintings, as well as help them find hidden objects and solve the puzzles they suggest. Hence, the game is developed as an educational utility for your children, which can help them learn fundamental issues of general knowledge while playing an entertaining game.

If your kids like to spend more time playing in front of the computer than reading books, they can try out this game and improve their general knowledge in an enjoyable, interactive manner. You should, however, take into consideration that the help topics and skipping require a specific period of time to be enabled, and children might get impatient or annoyed with this.

Jessie Hodgson
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  • Educational, yet entertaining game, good performance, high-quality video and audio


  • Help and skips require a specific period of time to be enabled, which can be annoying
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